Buying or Selling a Home?



 Allow me to reduce the stress of this experience by providing one of the most crucial elements of any real estate        transaction… reliable information. For your next real estate purchase, protect your investment with a thorough and  comprehensive home inspection.

Why choose Teton Healthy Home to perform your next home inspection?

InterNachi Certified – 24 hour Electronic Delivery of Inspection Report
Superior Reporting – Wider Variety Of Services

If you hire me, you get me as your Home Inspector! 
  •  InterNachi Certified. I am certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNachi) This national certification is important to look for in Wyoming, where there is no state licensing currently required for home inspectors. Please visit  to review the InterNachi standards of practice for home inspections, and  to review the InterNachi code of ethics and more information on the InterNachi Experience   

  • Delivery of Inspection Report! Full-narrative with color photos.. Electronic copies of the report are available within 24 hours for delivery by email.

  • Superior Reporting. Our comprehensive inspection reports are full narrative (not a check list) with color digital photos taken during the course of the inspection. This full narrative reporting style allows me to describe defects, why it is a defect, insert a digital photo of the defect into the report and suggest a course of action for improvement. More significant defects are copied from the body of the report to a Highlights and Summary page toward the front of the report for quick and easy reference. The report is easy to navigate and includes and describes materials and components in the home and identifies locations of utility shutoffs (gas, electricity and water). Reports are a valuable reference and resource, not a checklist of problems.
  • Wider Variety of Services. In addition to expert property inspections, we also offer Radon Testing, Mold Inspections and Sampling and more. Ala carte services are available. 



What is inspected during the inspection?
The inspection report is divided into the following sections:
• Structure • Roofing • Exterior • Electrical • Heating • Cooling • Insulation • Ventilation • Plumbing • Interior • Appliances
Each of these important systems and their many components are thoroughly inspected, described and reported on.

Can I be present during the inspection?
Of course! Home inspections take several hours with a walk-through at the end. Clients may accompany the entire inspection or show up at the end for the inspection walk-through. During the walk-through, your inspector will walk you through the property, and summarize the findings of the inspection to you. This dialogue will be a valuable chance to ask questions about your property and become more familiar with the condition of your investment.
How much advanced notice is needed to schedule an inspection?
Performing inspections full time instead of on the side of a day job allows me to respond to your needs quickly.

Call today for more information or to schedule an inspection!